about Sue



A little bit about me – I began my career in the beauty industry selling behind the Clinique counter. This is where I fell in love with the beauty industry and its customers. Every day that I sold behind the counter, it was my personal mission to ensure that the time customers spent with me was the very best part of their day! Since then, I have worked in many different capacities. I worked at the corporate level for the iconic brands Clinque and Aveda for 11 years before beginning my consulting practice Sue Remes Resources in 1993.

Along the way, I have never lost my love for customers and for the sales people who help them navigate through the sometimes mystifying world of the beauty industry.

When I started my consulting practice, it was my goal to work with organizations helping them to identify and maximize key points of difference – defining values and principles that are translated to sales people in the field and ultimately, to customers.

I strongly believe that building a brand starts by being right out on the front lines. That’s why, as a rule, when it comes to finding crucial data that helps my clients make decisions about product launches, programs or how to gain traction with customers, I spend a ton of time where all the action happens – out in the field – working with sales people and talking to customers.

Understanding the needs of your sales people and talking directly to customers allows me to capitalize on the collective intelligence of your entire team (and yes, your loyal customers do play on that team!) The end result is the creation of valuable programs, marketing strategies and sales processes that build your brand and create customer loyalty that translates to dollars.

I love it when customers pick you but most of all I love it when customers love you!

One last thing you should know about me – my last name is pronounced Remish.

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